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Dec 13th, 2008 | By | Category: Events

Japanese Festival Girls Whether you live in Japan or are just visiting, festivals, or matsuri as they are known in Japan, are held almost every weekend and special exhibitions and events are almost as common.  If your have a few hours to spare or a hole in your itinerary that needs filling with something fun and interesting then you will want to take a look at the newest page at The Nihon Sun.

The Japan Event Calendar offers timeless links to great events in Japan that are scheduled throughout the year.  A successful trip involves what we at The Nihon Sun call Cut & Paste Japan Trip Planning which allows you to create an itinerary that is customized based on your likes and dislikes – not those of guidebook authors.  Guidebooks are a great resource but due to publishing constraints they do not cover local events well.  That’s where the Japan Events Calendar comes in – browse through the events to find the ones that interest you and add them your “To-Do in Japan” list.

Since many visitors to Japan spend some time in Tokyo, the Japan Event Calendar also includes listings from Tokyo Art Beat, Tokyo’s art & design events calendar and Metropolis that does a great job covering nightlife in Tokyo and the music scene in the city.  You will also find links to some great antique and flea markets in the Tokyo Area.

The Nihon Sun Japan Event Calendar is your portal to some great events.  The temples, shrines and other tourist destination will always be there but some of these events only happen once a year and some of the exhibitions are one-time only. In fact, many of events and exhibitions are held at venues that may already be on your itinerary so you can really make your itinerary work for you by taking in an event or festival at one of the places on your “Must See in Japan” list.

It would be shame to come home from a trip only to read about an amazing event in the newspaper or online when you could have seen or experienced it in person. Be sure to check out the Japan Event Calendar today to make sure that doesn’t happen to you!

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