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Yamanote Line TrainGreat photos of a crowded rush hour commute on Tokyo’s trains from Tony McNicol, one of the contributors to the Japan Photo Gallery here at The Nihon Sun.

Big brother is watching from Tokyo’s Billboards – a whole new way to capture demographic information for advertisers.

Yoko Ono recently visited Japan and Alfie Goodrich of Japanorama got the photo shoot.  Alfie also went to the John Lennon Museum in Saitama and captured some great images that are a pleasure to share with you.

The Japan Times reports on times gone by – if you want to learn abut what was making the news 100, 50 or 25 years ago in Japan then you should take the time to read Burning temples, busted black marketeers, golf boom and discriminatory bookshop.

If you are a woman and live with your in-laws in Japan then you have a greater risk of heart disease. I guess Mother-in-law issues transcend borders…

Check out the list of products from Japan that won Good Design Awards in 2008.  Automobiles, housing, and technology products all made the list.

Living a no-waste lifestyle in Japan – small towns and big companies like Toyota are getting into the act but that isn’t helping the ecosystem, known as satoyama (a place where humans and nature coexist) in Japan and brought to the forefront of the nations consciousness by the anime film My Neighbor Totoro .

Congratulations to Thomas at Nihon Hacks for surpassing 1000 RSS readers.  If you haven’t heard of his site before, you really need to check it out – it features great tips on how to get things done, save money and lot’s of other fun and interesting Japan related hacks.

Lastly, if you missed it you may want to take a moment to view what some Japan Bloggers see when they look out the window in Japan.

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  1. Thanks for the link Shane! :)

  2. My pleasure Thomas – it’s a huge and well deserved accomplishment!

  3. Speaking of no-waste lifestyles, we just had McDonald’s which came in a paper bag labeled with “eco-style”. My wife and I joked about how the packaging was no different to the usual packaging… until I realized there were no napkins! I then launched into a one-minute rant about eco-this and eco-that before i realized my son had a wad of napkins in his mouth! 😛

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