Traditional Japanese Attire or Publicity Stunt?

Mar 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Featured Articles

Dressed in a bright yellow kimono, toting a kasa (umbrella), and playing a drum with symbols perched on top, the young woman in the photo below was not doing so to further our education in all things Japanese.  In fact she was part of an advertising campaign for a nearby store in the trendy neighborhood of Shibuya where you are just a bit more likely to see a women in a kimono than on a street in New York or Paris.

Shibuya Kimono Clad Entertainer

Unlike her similarity dressed companion who avoided having her picture taken, this pretty young woman was more than happy to play to the cameras that surrounded her on a busy street corner.

Check back tomorrow to see some decidedly non-traditional Japanese fashions also spotted in Shibya.

This and other great images of Japan can be found in The Nihon Sun Japan Photo Gallery.

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Japanese Street Art

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  1. These days I’m not sure I would call Shibuya ‘trendy’ but… OK. By the way, I passed this group on センター街 over the weekend, and there was also a guy playing a saxophone with the two women. They were advertising for a pachinko parlor.

  2. I took almost the exact same photo and have it on my site, just the other day. If I had stayed around a bit longer maybe we would have bumped into each other. The store being advertised was a Pachinko Parlor.

  3. Just like the others before my post. It seems this way of advertising is pretty popular.

    In 2006 I’ve seen a trio near to JR Gotanda station. It was really interesting at first sight.
    I posted a photo on my site. That girl played a saxophone… the Opening theme of Evangelion. 😀

  4. Very nice pic!
    It’s actually a tradition called chindonya. I have a chindonya video here –the music is also worth listening to.

  5. There’s a good representative picture and explanation on Wikipedia:

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