Heaven & Hell in Ishikawa

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It’s cold year round, not hot, in the Hanibe Cave where the “Fushi Jigoku” (Satirical expression of Hell) sit alongside eerily lit statues on a winding path through this natural cave.

Hanibe Cave, Ishikawa, Japan, Hell, Buddhism

Located in the Chubu region of Japan, Ryumyoji Town in Ishikawa Prefecture is home to a paradox of peaceful prayer and images of hell.   The cave enshrines the latter while nearby Hanibe Gankutsu-in, where the stated mission is world peace, enshrines deities and hosts the faithful dedicated to that mission.

Hanibe Cave, Ishikawa, Japan, Hell, Buddhism

From the cave of hell, a short walk will take you to a recumbent statue of Shakyamuni Buddha  lounging peacefully in the more heavenly setting of a nearby park.


Also in the area you will find glowing bronze head and shoulders of  what will eventually be the largest statue of Buddha in Japan on the grounds of Hanibe Gankutsu-in.

Hanibe Gankutsu-in, Ishikawa, Japan, Largest Buddha Statue in Japan

Heaven or hell?  It’s your choice in Ishikawa’s Ryumyoji Town!

Hanibe Cave

Open: Daily from 8:30AM to 5PM (March-November) &  9AM to 4PM (December-February)

Admission: Adults Y800, Children up to and including high school students Y500

Access: From JR Komatsu station, take the Komatsu bus bound for Nishikarumikai, Hanibe and get off at Hanibe bus stop.  (Hanibe Gankutsu-in access map)

Travel Time From Tokyo: Approximately 4 hours by train

Image Credit:  Flickr, Hanibe Gankutuin Temple(2009.4.25) – 78, Hanibe Gankutuin Temple(2009.4.25) – 69, Hanibe Gankutuin Temple(2009.4.25) – 85 & Hanibe Gankutuin Temple(2009.4.25) – 97

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