Japan Blog Matsuri – May 2009

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My Favorite Place in Japan will be the topic for this months Japan Blog Matsuri (blog carnival) and everyone is welcome to participate!  The hosting duties fall to The Nihon Sun after Ken from What Japan Thinks hosted last month with a great round up of Slow Times in Japan.

The goal for this month’s matsuri is to create a list of inspiring articles and images from Japan similar to the collaboration that resulted in the  Looking Out The Window In Japan article late last year.

Whether you live in Japan or have visited be sure to join us as we explore Japan.  What’s your favorite place in Japan?  Where would you take your best friend, your mother, your brother or a colleague it time and money were limitless?  What if time and money were very limited?

Would you go out to eat?  Take a stroll through a garden, visit a temple, shrine or just explore the neighborhood?  Would you head for the mountains or visit one of Japan’s UNESCO World Heritage sites?

Write an article and submit a photo (optional) so we can inspire others to get out and see what Japan has to offer whether they do it in person or virtually.

The deadline for Japan Blog Matsuri entries is Friday, May 22nd and you can expect to see the resulting round up during the week of May 26th.

Submit your entries via the Blog Carnival website and if you would like your photo to be included in the Japan Blog Matsuri article please add it to the JapanSoc Flickr Group tagged “Japan Blog Matsuri May 2009”.  Email the link to your photo on Flickr or send a web optimized version via email to The Nihon Sun with “Japan Blog Matsuri Image” in the subject line.

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We can’t wait to share some of your favorite place in Japan on The Nihon Sun!

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  1. I know what I’m going to be doing : ) Looking forward to reading about what everyone else loves to do in Japan. Always nice to get some new ideas.

  2. […] This month’s Japan Blog Matsuri will be hosted at The Nihon Sun. The theme is “My Favorite Place in Japan” and you can read the full announcement and instructions here. […]

  3. looking forward to the entries!

  4. […] You’ve got less than 48 hours to get your entries in to this month’s Matsuri! […]

  5. My favourite place is Japan is the arrivals hall at Narita :)

  6. Tim! Write a post and tell us why :) Actually I can totally relate to that. When you get to the arrivals hall all the adventures are yet to come but you know you’re here. Smiling just thinking about it.

  7. I have so many favorite places I don’t know where to start, but for starters I’d have to say the Taisetsu-zan National Park and mountain range in Hokkaido. The colors are amazing! Whether it’s the alpine flowers in the late-arriving spring and summer, or the rich tints of the early-arriving autumn, the scenery is always stunning.

  8. @dosankodebbie - Oh I’d love to see pics for these. You’ve still got time to write a post for the matsuri if you feel like it :)

  9. I’ve got a nice photo-set in the process of uploading that covers both my favourite place and fits in with Nihon Sun’s theme. I might not get it finished until a few minutes after midnight tomorrow…

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  13. […] My favorite place in Japan was the subject for this months Japan Blog Matsuri and the entries are as varied as the country itself.   From north to south, from some the places we’ve all heard about to those that will likely never be written about in a Japan Guidebook.  They are all beautiful, if only in the memories of those who visited them and I hoping that by sharing them you will be inspired to visit them for yourself. […]

  14. […] your entries via the Blog Carnival website and, as the Nihon Sun instructed last month, if you would like your photo to be included in the actual Japan Blog Matsuri […]

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