Kameido Wisteria Festival

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Precincts of the Tenjin Shrine at Kameido 100 views of Edo Hiroshige The annual Fuji Matsuri or Wisteria Festival is another chance to take advantage of some of the beautiful spring flowers in Japan.  As the season moves on the pink cherry blossoms give way to the purple blooms wisteria vines throughout the country.  In Tokyo the festival is also an opportunity to take in traditional Japanese musical performances at Kameido Shrine.

Kameido Shrine, also know as Tenmangu, was built in 1662 and is home to one of Japan’s few remaining red drum bridges that has been immortalized in on of Hiroshige’s 100 views of Edo. Originally published 1856, Wisteria at Kameido Tenjin Shrine (pictured on the right) is just one of any iconic images of Japan from the series.

During the festival period the wisteria gracefully reflect on the pond as it hangs from overhead trellises and offers a lovely frame for the famous drum bridge.

Fuji Matsuri Schedule:

Dates: April 19 – May 6, 2009Wisteria Kameido Shrine Tokyo

April 19th: Taiko Performance from 1-4PM

April 26th & 29th: Ohayahashi or festival music from 9AM – 4PM

May 2nd: Koto (Japanese Harp) and Shanuhachi (Bamboo Flute) performances from 1PM- 2PM

Kameido Tenjin Access:  Take the JR Sobu Line to Kameido Station (South Exit) or Kinshicho Station (North Exit) and walk for 10 to 15 minutes or make the short trip in a taxi from either station.  Kameido Tenjin Access Map

Those who want to try traditional Japanese cuisine should plan to dine on Edo Kaiseki at Wakafuku within the shrine precincts.  The menu includes Kaiseki-ryori, prepared with carefully selected seasonal ingredients, nabe (Japanese stew), tempura or sushi and is reasonably priced.

Image Credit:  Wikipedia, 100 views edo 057 & Flickr, The annual wisteria festival…

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