Ramen Burgers – What will they think of next?

Nov 26th, 2008 | By | Category: Food, Lifestyle

Fresh Ramen Noodles If you love a good burger and often find yourself craving a good bowl of ramen then you need to head to Kitakata in Fukushima prefecture where a local restaurant has combined the two in an unusual way that has created a bit of a food craze.  The Ramen Burger has hit the Japanese food scene!

But exactly what is a Ramen Burger?  The bun consists of boiled ramen noodles that are baked into rounds and the restaurant then uses traditional ramen ingredients such as char siu roasted pork, menma, a condiment made from dried bamboo, and naruto sliced fish cake to make a patty that that is sandwiched between the ramen noodle bun after being topped with a shoyu (soy sauce) based sauce.

Furusato-tei, located within the Kita no Sato roadside service area in Kitakata, started selling ramen burgers on October 25th for Y350 each.  They are only able to make 20-30 burgers a day because the process of making the ramen buns is quite time consuming but so far Ramen Burgers are a big hit!  If you don’t get there early there is a good chance that Furusato-tei will have sold out!

“While the first bite of the baked noodles can be crunchy, you soon begin to feel like you are slurping up ramen noodles”

Source:  Asahi Shimbum, Ramen burger features tasty buns

Traditional ramen is one of the good things about Japan but Ramen Burgers are just a little bit different – would you like to try one?   I can’t imagine a more unusual use for ramen…can you?

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Image credit:  Wikimedia, Fresh ramen noodle

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  1. but there’s no soup though…

  2. Sounds good actually! Though I think a yaki-soba burger might work better - less slippery and all.

  3. Ramen bun-first, I said no way, but actually, I am starting to think it might be good. At least, it’s easy to eat, right?

  4. I’m with K - I Iike my ramen with broth but I would definitely give this a try.

  5. […] restaurant, Ivan Ramen, in Tokyo’s Setagaya ward.  I wonder if he will ever make and serve Ramen burgers?   Enjoy this video from […]

  6. I honestly hadn’t hard of this before. Though it doesn’t really surprise me much. Definitely worth a try.

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