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Amusement parks, theme parks will add a special something to your Japan trip, especially if you are traveling with kids, or the young at heart who would never dream of passing up an opportunity to act like kid.

Game centers (video game arcades) can be found in almost every neighborhood and Ferris Wheels seem to have a special place in the hearts of the Japanese as many large ones are scattered about the country.

In Yokohama’s Minato Mirai area you will find Yokohama Cosmo World, home to one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world at a height of 112.5 meters.  You can also enjoy a roller coaster ride and a long flume ride at Yokohama Cosmo World.

yokohama cosmo world ferris wheel japan

Image Credit:  Flickr, Yokohama Cosmoworld

Sanrio Puroland is home to Japan’s iconic feline, Hello Kitty, and her friends  Located about forty minutes from Shinjuku Station via the Keio Line, in Tama, the amusement park features a tour of Hello Kitty’s boudoir, a Sanrio character boat ride and you can even dress up as your favorite Sanrio character and have your photo taken at the Mini Photo Plant .

sanrio puroland japan hello hitty theme park

Image Credit:  Flickr,   夜のピューロランド入口 by Kawarano

Tokyo Dome City is home to the Big O, the world’s first center-less Ferris wheel at La Qua with a roller coaster whose track takes your right through its center!

tokyo dome city amusement park ferris wheel

Image Credit:  Flickr, Spokeless

Universal Studios Japan is located near Osaka and a visit will allow you to take in the amazing adventures of Spiderman, visit Jurassic park, go Back to the Future or be terrified by Jaws!

Universal Studios Osaka Japan

Image Credit:  Flickr, Globe

In Kagoshima you will find a Ferris Wheel perched atop the JR Kagoshima Station and in the Dotombori area of Osaka you will find another Ferris Wheel  – this time it’s not round but eliptical!

kagoshima japan train station ferris wheel

osaka japan dotomburi eliptical ferris wheel

Image Credit:  Flickr, Japan 2008 – album David – 805.jpg & Dotomborigawa

Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea sit along the shores of Tokyo Bay in Chiba Prefecture.  Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek! opened in April and from today through August 31, 2009 Mike & Sulley join up to host Club Monsters, Inc. in front of Cinderella’s castle featuring dancing and frolicking with Mickey & friends.

Tokyo Disneyland entrance

Image Credit:  Flickr, Disneyland entrance

Sega Joypolis located in Tokyo’s Odaiba area is a place that gamers will not want to miss.  This venue offers a modern take on the amusement park and is home to a number of indoor virtual reality rides, roller coasters and a wide assortment of video and arcade games for all ages.

Sega Jopolis Odaiba Tokyo

Image Credit:  Flickr, Sega Joypolis – Tokyo Odaiba

Lastly, one more Ferris Wheel – this one in Nagoya!

nagoya japan ferris wheel

Image Credit:  Flickr, Ferris wheel in a shopping area.

It’s not hard to amuse yourself in Japan anytime of the year and opportunities to do so are plentiful.  So take a break from the temples, shrines and festivals when you visit this summer and make some time for some good old fashioned fun that transcends borders.

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