Dining Under The Tracks

Feb 6th, 2009 | By | Category: Food, Lifestyle

Tokyo is not only densely populated with people, every square inch in the city seems to be put to use in one way or another.  In the older parts of Tokyo, some shops and restaurants are no bigger than a walk-in closet in a western style home.

The Yurakucho area is an older part of city that borders the glamorous and upscale neighborhood of Ginza. Situated under the tracks of the JR line near Yurakucho station are a number of little dining establishments.

I have yet to dine in one but this one looks quite tempting with it’s bright red stools and sake beckoning passersby.

My Japanese reading ability is limited to Katakana (script used for foreign words in Japan) but here are some items on the menu of this izakaya (pub) under the tracks:

Macaroni salad for Y480
Fried potatoes (probably french fries) for Y580
A salmon dish for Y980

Keep in mind that these dishes are usually shared with friends over drinks so the prices are fairly reasonable.

The rice cooker is conveniently located in the counter next to the stools, there is a picture menu on the wall in addition to the written menu and they appear to have a good selection of Sake to choose from.

Many a salaryman probably stops here for a snack and some beer or sake with his friends before heading home after a long day at the office.

Image Credit:  Personal Collection

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  1. Many good restaurans are hiden like this. It is interesting how no space is wasted.

  2. The izakaya pictured with red stools is Manpuku Shokudo (まんぷく食堂‎) under the tracks in Yurakucho right between the Peninsula hotel and Yurakucho Marion. Check out the map here: http://r.tabelog.com/tokyo/A1301/A130102/13010984/dtlmap/. Highly recommended for a late night drink.

  3. Places like this are really not expensive and they are all over Tokyo. Many people think Japan and especially Tokyo are so expensive but if you know where to go you will find inexpensive places to eat and stay.

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