Events & Activities during Yokoso! Japan Weeks 2009

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Maiko AsakusaWhether you are visiting Tokyo or any other region of Japan from January 20th though February 28, 2009 you will not want to miss some of the events and discounts that are being offered as part of the Yokoso! Japan Weeks 2009 promotion

This years theme is “Hands-on Sightseeing” and offers visitors an opportunity to try their hand at traditional arts and crafts from Japan, in Japan.  Some of the events are ongoing and not limited to the Yokoso! Japan Weeks 2009 promotion.

Yokoso! Japan Weeks Hands On Experiences

In Saitama, you can attend a local shrine wearing a Kimono after having matcha (powdered green tea) and learning all about Kimono culture from Kimono Shop Sakaeya.  Cost is Y8,000.

Take a Sake Brewery Tour in Takayama.  Visit seven sake breweries in the city that are not normally open to the public to sample new sake and learn more about the brewing process of the distinctly Japan drink.  Cost:  FREE

Try your hand at traditional Yuzen Dying in Kyoto.  Nestled in a neighborhood of traditional Japanese artisans, you will be able to make your very own yuzen died t-shirt or handkerchief while leanring more about this ancient decorative art. Cost:  Y1,000-Y2,000

Experience what life is like for the people whole live in rural Japan.  Eat nabe stew under a kotatsu in a 90 year old Japanese Townhouse in Tokushima, visit and onsen and interact with the locals.   Cost:  Y3,000-Y4,000

Tour Nagasaki by streetcar with and English speaking guide. Cost:  FREE

Learn about more hands-on experiences scheduled during Yokoso! Japan Weeks 2009.

Yokoso! Japan Weeks Events

Snow Lanterns Japan Visit the 60th Sapporo Snow Festival featuring approximately 300 large-scale snow sculptures.

Take in the peaceful beauty of the Uesugi Snow Lantern Festival.

Attend an evening of Traditional Performing Arts in Osaka where you will see performances of Noh (masked dance), Kamigata Mai (Western-Japanese traditional dance), Ozashiki Asobi (traditional games with Geiko), and Rakugo (comic story telling) in Osaka.  Cost:  Y3,500- Y4,500 per person.

Taste some of the traditional foods of Matsue at the DanDan Warming Food Festa.

Look for more events scheduled during Yokoso! Japan Weeks 2009.

Yokoso! Japan Weeks Discounts

Many Japanese businesses including, restaurants, hotels & ryokans, as well as retailers are offering special discounts in conjunction with Yokoso!Japan Weeks.

Check out the discounts offered by Japan’s regional retailers, and find out if you can save some money on your accommodations in Japan.  Don’t forget to download your Yokoso! Japan Weeks Web Coupon to take full advantage of all available discounts.

Japan Trip Planning Recourses

If you can’t make if to Japan during Yokoso! Japan Weeks 2009, don’t despair.  The Nihon Sun has put together trip planning resources and itinerary suggestions that you can use at any time.  Conveniently sorted by region, you will find a lot of great information in our A Closer Look series:

Image Credit:  Personal Collection & Flickr, Snow Lanterns

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