Flaming Incense at a Japanese Temple

Apr 14th, 2009 | By | Category: Photo Gallery, Temples & Shrines, Tokyo and Vicinity

At Benzaiten, a temple surrounded by the waters of Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park, the flames licked the incense burning in the large bronze koro (incense burner) sitting at the base of the steps to the temple.

Burning Incense Bentzaiten Ueno Tokyo Japan

The lovely island temple in the heart of Tokyo is dedicated to the only goddess among the Seven Gods of Good Fortune:  Bentendo.  The name Benzai means flowing water and she is the deity of grace or charm who is also know as Benten, the Goddess of knowledge, art and beauty and music – everything that can be said to flow.

Ueno Park is a pleasant place to spend and afternoon in Tokyo, stroll through the park and visit the temples, shrine and museums that are located in and around the park.  Read about my afternoon spent floating around on Shinbazu Pond to access a map of the area.

This and other great images of Japan can be found in The Nihon Sun Japan Photo Gallery.

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