Is that the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba?

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Take the futuristic, unmanned, Yurikamome Line from Shinbashi Station in the Tokyo and you will embark in Odaiba a place that is home to modern architecture, seaside cafes, strolls along the beach and a multitude of shops.

When you get off at Daiba Station, you will be standing face to face with the Fuji TV building, one of Tokyo’s most modernistic and unusual buildings. Take a moment to ponder how the architects managed to suspend the large silver orb high above the street between two towers and – the orb is the Sphere Observation Deck that stands 123.45 meters high and is the highest point in the Daiba area.

Fuji TV Building Odaiba

From the Sphere Observation Deck it is a short stroll over a wide pedestrian bridge to a view of Tokyo Bay, the Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo Cruise Ship Co. water busses that ferry visitors and residents down the Sumida River from ancient Senso-ji Shirine in Asakusa to this modern city situated upon land that was originally reclaimed from Tokyo Bay in the 1800’s to protect the Edo, as Tokyo was know then, from sea attack.

Before you get to the view, you will probably notice a gaggle of people, cameras in hand, at the end of the walkway. What they are aiming slowly reveals itself from the top down – first you see the tip of some sort of sculpture, then you see that it is a hand holding a flame and you wonder what could be so interesting? As you get closer and peer across the railing you recognize the icons structure – it is the Statue of Liberty. But why is it in Tokyo?

Odaiba Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty first appeared in Odaiba in 1998, on loan from France as part of a year long celebration to commemorate Japan’s ties with the French nation.  The statue was so popular that when it was returned a replica was created and installed in 2000.

The sight of the Statue of Liberty in Tokyo may catch you by surprise but it remains a popular spot for visitors and the Odaiba area of Tokyo is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon, regardless of the season.

Image Credit:  FLickr, Odaiba – Fuji TV building & 自由の女神 Statue of Liberty

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