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Nihon on the Net – 11/30/08

Nov 30th, 2008 | By Shane Sakata | Category: Nihon on the Net

Mitsubishi, the world’s biggest tuna trader, imports the bulk of bluefin tuna caught in the Mediterranean to Japan. As stocks of this staple of the sushi platter become scarcer some groups believe that there is a need to impose a partial moratorium on bluefin tuna fishing and to drastically reduce catch quotas.
Is Harajuku in […]

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Japan

Nov 28th, 2008 | By Shane Sakata | Category: Travel

A Visit Japan campaign was launched by the Japanese government with the establishment of the Japan Tourism Agency in October of this year.  The Visit Japan campaign is aiming to increase the number of annual visitors to from the 6 million that came in 2007 to 10 million by 2010 .  So where do most […]

The Beauty of Washi

Nov 27th, 2008 | By Shane Sakata | Category: History & Culture

Washi or hand made Japanese paper is one of the many beautiful items that hold a special place in Japanese culture.
The history of paper making in Japan can be traced back over 1,300 years and was an adaptation of Korean methods of paper making.  Traditionally, many of the paper makers in Japan were farmers […]

Ramen Burgers – What will they think of next?

Nov 26th, 2008 | By Shane Sakata | Category: Food, Lifestyle

If you love a good burger and often find yourself craving a good bowl of ramen then you need to head to Kitakata in Fukushima prefecture where a local restaurant has combined the two in an unusual way that has created a bit of a food craze.  The Ramen Burger has hit the Japanese […]

Shinto Priests at Meiji Jingu

Nov 25th, 2008 | By Shane Sakata | Category: Photo Gallery

This shot of traditionally dressed Shinto Priests parading at Meiji-Jingu Shrine in the Harajuku area of Tokyo was captured by Danielle who recently made a trip to the shrine’s Autumn Festival and it is with pleasure that we share it with you at The Nihon Sun.  Thanks Danielle!

In her own words:
“This shot was taken at […]

Japan: A Closer Look At Hokkaido

Nov 24th, 2008 | By Shane Sakata | Category: Featured Articles, Travel

The Nihon Sun recently highlighted the tourism websites of the various regions of Japan in the article “Traveling to Japan? Look Beyond The Usual” and we will follow that with a series that will provide more travel planning resources and information about each of the eight regions.  The series will be called Japan: A Closer […]

Nihon on The Net – 11/23/08

Nov 22nd, 2008 | By Shane Sakata | Category: Lifestyle, Nihon on the Net

Do you aspire to be B-grade gourmet?  B-grade gourmet is “food that is inexpensive but delicious and distinctive to a locality” and is what you eat with friends and family.  The B-1 Grand Prix was held in Kurume, Japan and featured 24 of Japan’s best-loved dishes competing for the holy grail of B-grade cuisine.  […]

How much do you know about Japan?

Nov 21st, 2008 | By Shane Sakata | Category: History & Culture

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of Japan’s geography, sports and pop culture:
1.  Which prefecture is home to a town with the same names as U.S. president elect Barack Obama?

2.  Name the largest lake in Japan and the prefecture where it is located.

3.  What is the national bird of Japan? Is it the kiji […]

Life Lessons from Japan

Nov 20th, 2008 | By Shane Sakata | Category: Lifestyle

“Living in Japan has helped me to lead a more conscious life.”  I wrote that sentence in March of this year in an article titled Japan – Awe and Wonder – I had only been back in Japan for a little over a month after a ten plus year absence.  Living as a expatriate in […]

An Ode to Oden – Comfort Food From Japan

Nov 20th, 2008 | By Shane Sakata | Category: Food, Lifestyle

It’s fast, it’s a little bit funky, and you can get it at almost any convenience store in Japan!  Step into any Japanese convenience store in the fall or winter and you will notice a distinctive aroma – the aroma of Oden, a traditional Japanese dish made by boiling a variety of ingredients in broth […]