Japan:A Closer Look at Kyushu – Part 2

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Kyushu is considered the tropics of Japan and is a popular place to spend a vacation reasonably close to home for many Japanese. Our closer look at Kyushu started with the sights of Fukuoka, Saga, Kumamoto and Nagasaki Prefectures and today we’ll look at the remaining prefectures that make up the region.

Take some time to browse through these itinerary suggestions and online resources when planning a trip to Kyushu.

Oita Prefecture

Beppu Oita Japan Visit Beppu, where this areas Onsen (hot springs) are only second to the Yellow Stone National Park in the United States in terms of the volume of water produced.  There are eleven types of hot springs in the world and ten of them can of them can be found in Beppu.  Be sure to take make some time for one of three Beppu walking tours.

See the wild monkeys of Mt. Takasaki.

Explore the Kunisaki-hanto Peninsula and visit the Usa-jingu Shrine to see many important Buddhist artifacts.

For more Oita Prefecture travel planning suggestions visit the Japan National Tourism Organization’s Oita pages or We Love Oita.

Kagoshima Prefecture

Chiran Samurai Garden Kagoshima Japan Visit Yakushima Island, home to Japan’s oldest trees, giant sugi (cryptomeria), that date back thousands of years and one of fourteen World Heritage Sites in Japan

During low tide, walk from Ibusuki City to Chiringashima, a small island connected to the city by a sand bar or get buried in steaming sand to stimulate blood circulation.

Visit the Chiran Samurai Residence and Garden that date back to the early 1600’s.

Tour the Tanegashima Space Center, the largest space-development facility in Japan to see al ife-size rocket launch vehicle mock-up and other space related exhibits.

Drive the scenic nine kilometer route to Cape Seta or explore the marine ecosystem on a glass bottomed boat.

Visit Amami Park to learn about life on Japan’s souther islands.

Explore the city of Kagoshima (PDF Guide to Kagoshima)

Browse the Japan National Tourism Organization’s Kagoshima pages or Kagoshima Vistitors Guide to learn about more things to do and see when visiting Kagoshima Prefecture.

Miyazaki Prefecture

Takachiho gorge Miyazaki Japan Visis Nichinan-kaigan Coast and be sure not to miss the Uso Shrine located in a cave and perched upon a hillside.

Stroll through Hewadai Park in Miyazaki City to see the peace monument and the Haniwa gardens (Hewadai Park Map-PDF)

See the Onda Festival in Misato City where the image of a Shinto deity is brought out from Tashiro Shrine to preside over rice-planting rituals in nearby sacred rice paddies. (access to Misato).

Take in the natural beauty of the rock formations and the rich architectural history of the preserved buildings in Hyuga.

Relax in some of the Miyazaki Onsens or explore Takachiho Gorge.

For more information about Miyazaki trip planning visit the Japan National Tourism Organization’s Miyazaki pages or Miyazaki Prefecture Tourist Information websites.

Okinawa Prefecture

Shurijo Castle Okinawa Japan Learn about Okinawa Awamori, a fruit liquor similar to whisky or brandy that was first made in Okinawa, at Zuisen Distillery.

Check out the Tsuboya Pottery Studios in Naha where you can even try your hand at making a pot or two

Make the trip to Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park to learn about Okinawan culture, flowers an aquatic life.

Explore the Shurijo Castle Park, part of the Ryuko Kingdom and one of fourteen World Heritage Sites in Japan

Relax on the beautiful beaches of Miyakojima Island or see how Yukishio (“snowsalt”), the world`s most mineral-rich salt  as certified by the Guiness-book of World Records,  is extracted from seawater.

Visit Ishigaki and the Yaeyama Islands.

See traditional Okinawan performing arts at the National Theater Okinawa in Urasoe.

Visit the Japan National Tourism Organization’s Okinawa pages and the Okinawa Tourist Information website for more great things to do and see in Okinawa Prefecture.

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Image Credit:  Flickr, Beppu by joka2000, IMG_2264, Takachiho gorge & Seiden(the royal palace)

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