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Japan’s Art’s & Culture is the theme of this great magazine that is published quarterly in English.  Every edition of Kateigaho International Edition includes great photographs that are matched with equally gripping in-depth articles.  Recent issues have covered Tokyo’s izakaya (pub) culture, vending machines, Japanese interior design, fashion and architecture.  Travel destinations are often prominently featured with Sado Island and Hokkaido being the most recent.

KIE MagazineTwo regular features of Kateigaho International Edition are “Works” and “Seasons” are simply single pages that feature the art and words of two local artists.

“Works” combines the sumi ink calligraphy and words of Toko Shinoda, a world renowned female arstist who is know for combining traditional calligraphy techniques with modern abstract expression.  In the Autumn 2008 issue Shinoda presents the Kanji the representing “harmony” in simple black ink on a white background with the following words inset:

In order to nurture harmony, we need fine sensitivity.
Sensitivity is a fragile thing. That is why harmony is so
easily spoiled. Harmony is precious time and space
shared between people and nurtured by that delicate
sensitivity, and I might even say that nurturing it is the
reason for everything we do – so I muse to myself as I
rub my ink stick against the stone.

“Seasons” features beautiful images of textiles by Fukumi Shimura, a Living National Treasure, who started textile dying and weaving at the age of 32 in 1955. The personal stories that she shares can be visualized in the colors and textures of her textiles.  She announced her retirement in the Autumn 2008 issue and while she is irreplaceable I have high hopes that the feature will continue on in future editions.

Read more about Toko Shinoda in the Time article “Work of a Woman’s Hand” and Fukumi Shimura in a back issue of Kateigaho International Edition available online and be sure to pick up the Winter Edition of Kateigaho International Edition in Japan bookstores starting in December.  Kateigaho International Edition can also be purchased at selected overseas stores and you can purchase a subscription or back issues for delivery worldwide.

Image Credit: Personal Collection

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