Let’s Hanami in Tachikawa!

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Kids playing along a meandering stream under the cherry blossoms with families picnicking nearby.  It’s a common pastime during spring in Japan and TokyoDan, today’s guest photographer, captured the feeling beautifully in this shot of Negawa Stream in Tachikawa.

Tachikawa Cherry Blossoms - TokyoDan

In his own words:

“One afternoon during Hana-mi (Cherry Blossom Viewing season) My wife took me along a river that is near our home. Little did I know that this river would meander through this perfect little paradise.

Negawa is the stream between Koushu kaido and Tamagawa that runs along the north of Tachikawa Sports Park which is a baseball stadium.  To get there you can take the JR Chuo line and transfer to the Tama Toshi Monorail Line.  Get off at the Shibasaki-Taiikukan Station (one stop from Tachikawa-minami) and walk right (west) or left (east towards Kunitachi) along the river. This picture was taken on the east side.

I hope your readers enjoy the picture and I hope some of them actually take the time to go there. They will not be let down. It’s actually 10 times more beautiful in real life.

Here is a Google Map of the Negawa Stream in Tachikawa (in Japanese)”

See more of TokyoDan’s photos of Negawa Stream or visit his website, TokyoDan.com.

This and other great images of Japan can be found in The Nihon Sun Japan Photo Gallery.

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  1. Let’s Cherry Blossom!…

    Great photo of people enjoying Tachikawa’s cherry blossoms in this gorgeous spring weather. One from TokyoDan’s collection, featured on The Nihon Sun….

  2. Japan is such a beautiful place and so rich in culture, i can’t wait till i can finally go there and see all those magic places with my own eyes!

  3. Stunning images here. I love cherry and they look absolutely gorgeous!

  4. I see more adults than kids in this photo, and I’m guessing they’re throwing back cans of Chu-His, Kirins and Asahis in their own appreciation of the cherry blossoms. Let’s face it - hanami is just another chance to get overly intoxicated for most people.


  6. I love Tachikawa. The city is really cool, and apparently the rivers are great too.

  7. I wanna jump right in that river. Looks incredible and makes me want to take a little journey outside of Tokyo.

  8. I do love this shot and want to participate in the festivities too! Head to any park in Japan during cherry blossom season and you will find carefree groups of family ad friends picnicking and relaxing. The sight always makes me smile.

  9. Beautiful image; I’ll have to dig deep to come up with a photo to compete with TokyoDan!

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