Mt. Fuji Above the Clouds

Nov 11th, 2008 | By | Category: Parks, Gardens & Nature, Photo Gallery

Mt. Fuji, or Fuji-san as it is affectionately know as in Japan, is one of the most well know mountains in the world and an iconic image of the country.

Jason Collin has agreed to be the first guest photographer at The Nihon Sun and it is with much pride that we present his image “Mt. Fuji Above The Clouds”.


Jason captured this shot after about 3.5 hours of hard hiking got him to the summit of Akadake (2899m) in Nagano Prefecture on October 12th.

“Mt. Fuji is usually shrouded in clouds so I felt very lucky to find such a clear view of the mountain especially after lugging my heavy Nikon D80 along with two lenses up a net ascent of 1200m.

Mt. Fuji appeared quite small and distant to the naked eye, but I was able to capture the shot you see with full 200mm zoom (300mm effective).

I was very pleased to get this shot and others from the summit of Akadake.”

Purchase a print of Mt. Fuji Above the Clouds at Photrade or see more great photos by Jason Collin on his website.

This and other great images of Japan can be found in The Nihon Sun Japan Photo Gallery.

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  1. classic photo

  2. […] previous addition The Nihon Sun Photo Gallery was a beautiful shot of  Mt. Fuji and you can see more great images from Seiji no Hi by Jason Collin on his website […]

  3. my dad climbed Mt Fuji in 1962 when stationed in Japan in the US Air Force. Dad still likes to speak the few words of Japanese he learned back then. There’s been a poster of Mt Fuji in our garage as far back as I can remember (the garage was/is my dad’s work space, where he goes to be alone, so it makes sense that he has Fuji in there with him). anyway, my husband and I just adopted a beautiful grey and white kitty and i am campaigning to name him Fuji because his pointy nose looks like a snow-capped mountain and Fuji has special meaning to me. I also studied photography and well, you know, fuji film: which I always preferred over Kodak. It all makes sense to me, we’ll see what the husband thinks.

    So, I’m browsing through images of Fuji on Google and this one stands out among the many. I love the monochrome effect. I am wondering if was manipulated to get the blue casts or was this simply how it turned out. Whatever the case, lovely image. Well worth the hike, indeed.

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