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Autumn in Japan is fast giving way to winter.  To go naked in autumn, you’ve gotta have yu, a recent article in The Japan Times, talks about the Japanese propensity for being cold and their love of yu (hot water) and nabe (hot pot).  For those studying the Japanese language, the article offers the added bonus of some great additions to your vocabulary for the winter season.

Onsen Japan

Women drink more wine than men in Japan and Japanese women are starting to take their place in the world of wine.  This article offers recommendations on where to buy good wine in Tokyo and an intriguing bit about a new wine called Oroya created especially to compliment the flavors of sushi.

On the technology front, the Japanese cell phone is a technological wonder that allow you to leave your wallet at home.  Just imagine paying for everything fro groceries to movies tickets with your cell phone – there are challenges to bringing this technology to the United States but the big players are working very hard to make it a reality.

Last year’s Michelin Guide to Tokyo awarded the city more starts than any other destination, including Paris, and even more are on the way this year.  But some restaurants refused to be cited by the guide and many believe it does not accurately reflect the dining scene in the city despite its popularity.

The Japan Tourism Agency opened on October 1st of this year and is tasked with promoting the country as a travel destination and increasing the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan.  Some say that this is a daunting task due to the increase in the value of the Yen and other issues.  From  Mighty yen scares off the tourists:

“As a travel destination, Japan still has a reputation for being overpriced, difficult to navigate and culturally inscrutable. These are mostly myths, but myths that are easy to believe until this country has a suitable tourist infrastructure.

This Week in Japan’s History :

November 12th via Kyodo News

In 1948, General Hideki Tojo, Japanese prime minister from 1941 to 1944, is sentenced to death by the Far Eastern Tribunal of War Crimes in Tokyo. Tojo and six other Japanese leaders were executed December 23, 1948.

In 1990, Crown Prince Akihito is enthroned as emperor of Japan, two years after the death of his father Emperor Hirohito, posthumously known as Emperor Showa.

Image Credit:  Flickr, Private outdoor onsen bath

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