Regional Foods in Japan: Kyushu & Okinawa

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This is the final installment of the Regional Foods Series by Etsuko of Tokyofoodcast that started earlier this month at The Nihon Sun and today we’ll cover the regional foods specialties of Kyushu & Okinawa…


Karashi mentaiko – This is my favorite breakfast item to cut up and eat raw with rice or cooked as filling of onigiri. Boxes of these precious salty and spicy pollack roe mixed with chili pepper are sold everywhere in Hakata or even at Narita to represent Fukuoka traditions.

Hiyajiru – This is a nice refreshing cold soup dish for hot summer weather that can be found near the beaches dotted with palm trees in Miyazaki. Grilled fish is mixed with miso and roasted sesame using mortar and pestle then mixed with cold broth. The cold soup mix is then poured over rice or rice and oats and sprinkled with small tofu chunks, diced cucumber, and chopped summer herbs such as shiso and myoga.

Mentaiko Japanese FoodHiyajiru Japanese Food

Image Credit:  Mentaiko bento 明太子&野沢菜ごはんHiyajiru (冷汁)


Goya Chanpuru – This dish is a common home cooked meal in Japan but it originated in Okinawa and is a combination of bitter melon and tofu stir fried with pork.

Taco rice – Instead of wrapping beef with tortillas in this Tex-mex meets Japanese combination, someone decided to put the fillings over rice. This is another popular Okinawan dish that can now be found in many other parts of Japan.

Goya Chanpuru Japanese Food

Image Credit:  goya chanpuru & taco rice

To learn more about Japanese Food and regional specialties you may enjoy reading Traditional Dishes of Japan on the Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) site.

While this is the last of the Regional Food of Japan series, it will be my pleasure to contribute monthly food related articles for you to enjoy here at The Nihon Sun.  In the meantime please visit me at Tokyofoodcast to follow my foodie adventures in Japan and learn more about Japanese food and food culture .

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  1. Taco rice seems interesting.

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  3. I am on my way to a trip to Japan and other Asian countries. I intend to eat my way at various stops we make and am looking forward to regional dishes of Japan, Okinawa, Korea, China, Vietnam and Hong Kong. This should be very interesting. I hope not to gain too much weight.

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