Shibuya Crossing

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Shibuya crossing is one of the busiest pedestrian intersections in the world and is a vibrant place where just standing on the corner and watching the people will give you a sense of modern Japan.

Shibuya Crossing Tokyo Japan

Video screens on each corner vie noisily for your attention along with bright blinking neon billboards and vibrant advertisements that seem to cover every available building facade and roof top.

Hachiko Statue Shibuya Tokyo JapanA haven for the younger generation, the Starbucks that overlooks Shibuya crossing is one the busiest in the world and a sign of the popularity of anything American.  The area is home to everything that young people love, trendy and funky Japanese fashions, a great selection of shopping and dining options and an area know as love hotel hill where a few hours can be whiled away with a close personal friend.

Resting quietly at the base of all this hubbub is the Hachiko statue, a common meeting place just outside of Shibuya station that represents a much different time in Japan’s history.  A time in the 1920’s when Shibuya was not as busy as it is today and when an Akita dog named Hachiko would see his owner off to work and meet him at the end of long day.  After his owner died, Hachiko would return to the station each evening to await the arrival of the train that his master rode. While some people at the station initially thought that Hachiko was just roaming around, they soon came to realize that he was waiting for his dead owner and they nicknamed the dog chuken (faithful dog).  Hachiko’s statue stands in the station plaza as a tribute to that faithfulness and loyalty.

If you are planning to visit the area, and you should, these walking maps of Shibuya will help you find your way around.  Consider taking one of the Shibuya Community Bus routes that service the area and give your feet a break!

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