Sushi For Breakfast in Japan

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Temaki at a sushi bar blocks from the Tsukiji Wholesale fish market in Tokyo.   The temaki (hand rolls) pictured below are natto (fermented soy beans) with shiso leaves, cod roe and kappa (cucumber) from left to right.

Temaki Sushi Tsukiji Japan Tokyo

The fish roe melts in your mouth, the nori is crisp and flavorful and sushi tastes great even at 7:30AM after a tour of the market and tuna auction.  It’s a highly recommended dining experience in Tokyo!

Sushi for breakfast may not be everyone’s idea of good dining but it’s a dining experience in Tokyo that I highly recommend.  The streets of around Tsukiji are filled with closed shops on most afternoons but the market area is a beehive of activity in the early morning with lorries, bicycles and fish carts weaving about the streets narrowly missing pedestrians daring enough to wander about.

The stalls are filled with the freshest seafood, as you might expect, but also an amazing variety of dried seafood, pickled & fresh vegetables as well as tea, other condiments, dishes and cooking supplies.  Many stand up bars offer all sorts of culinary treats including ramen, tempura and grilled unagi (eel) for diners that may want options other than sushi.

More about the market itself and a suggested overnight itinerary with do’s and don’ts for your visit after I have had a chance to wade through the hundreds of photos that I took and get over yesterdays 4:30AM wake up call.

If you too would like to have sushi for breakfast then try one of the  Sushi Zanmai restaurants in the Tsukiji area – you won’t be disappointed!

Tsukiji Update: Photos and information about visiting the Tsukiji Morning Market & the Tsukiji Tuna Auction.

Image Credit:  Personal Collection

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  1. I still cannot handle a Japanese breakfast.

  2. I didn’t think I could either Turner but it was very tasty :)

  3. I was born in Japan and lived in Tokyo for years. I wonder how I ever skipped going to Tsukiji for great sushi all those years.

  4. Mmmmm…Fish.

  5. It took me a while to get used to a Japanese breakfast as well, but after you do it a few times, it seems like you have always been doing it.

  6. […] Sushi zanmai is a great chain of sushi shops in Tokyo.  This one is located in the area where the Tsukiji morning market is held and serves up some of the freshest sushi that you have ever tasted.   It’s oishi (delicious), even for breakfast! […]

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