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Nov 5th, 2008 | By Shane Sakata | Category: Photo Gallery

“A picture speaks a thousand words” and with that proverb in mind I invite you to tour Japan through the images in The Nihon Sun Japan Photo Gallery.  The gallery includes images that I took of Japanese gardens and Sumo as well as many other images that I consider distinctively Japanese and symbolic of the country.  Grab your favorite refreshment and take some time to browse through the images – I hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

If you have any questions about the images in the gallery or would like more information about any of them please leave a comment below.

It is my goal to expand the The Nihon Sun Japan Photo Gallery with new categories and new images on a fairly regular basis but I can only take so many pictures and I need your help to add photos of different places and scenes around Japan.

Do you have a great shot of Japan that you would like to have featured at The Nihon Sun?  If so drop me a line with a link to the image and/or a description (please do not send files unless they are requested).

New additions to the gallery will be announced right here and will feature a description by the photographer and a link back to his or her website.

Image Credit:  Personal Collection

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Japanese Street Art

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  1. Very cool photos there Shane.

  2. You should put a watermark on them Shane, it’s easy enough to do from within wordpress if you’re using nextgen gallery.

  3. Thanks Neil & Freedomwv

    I though that I had the watermark option checked but I guess I missed it. Off to fix it now…

  4. I definitely have a few in mind. I’ll try to get some to you soon.

  5. Me too Shane!

    I’ll be sending some over I hope you can use. This is a great idea!

  6. I can’t wait to see some reader shots in the gallery…so a big thank you to Billy and Honor.

    To everyone else, I encourage you to submit your shots. It will be a fun way to showcase some of the best of Japan from different perspectives.

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